In St Killian’s we focus on the development of each child’s emotional health and well-being through the curriculum and in a pastoral capacity.
All children access the SPHE curriculum, the key principles of which are enhanced by the use of a range of teaching and learning strategies such as: circle time, reflection, mindfulness, positive affirmation and peer affirmation. Pupils are encouraged to verbalise problems and concerns they may have, and teachers, SNAs and support staff support them in finding suitable solutions to the concerns pupils raise. This could be seen at class level or more individualised support plans put in place as necessary.
Whole school approaches to promoting each child’s emotional health and well-being focus on giving all pupils the opportunities to take on responsibilities as prefects and class monitors. Specific tasks are assigned to pupils through these roles which aim to acknowledge and strengthen individual skills, such as organisation, planning and problem solving. These roles give pupils a sense of pride in themselves, and a sense of responsibility.
Star of the Week is awarded to a pupil from each class on a weekly basis, the awards are individually tailored to recognise a pupil’s individual talents and strengths. The regular Friday Star of the Week assembly is enjoyed by pupils and staff alike.
Celebration assemblies at the end of the year result in awards for pupils in Swimming, Pupil of the Year for each class, and the overall title of Pupil of the year for one student.

Class Assemblies also provide an opportunity for individual classes to share their excellent work with the rest of the school.