The Class teams for 2019/2020 are:

Ash Class: Lizzy Fitzpatrick and Michelle Boyce.

Birch Class: Lynn Slattery, Dee Lynch and Yvonne Nolan.

Oak Class: Andrea Lane, Vickie Hartnett and Chloe Johnston.

Hawthorn Class: Orla Stapleton and Linda O'Sullivan.

Hazel Class: Roisín Hession, Romana Young and Jonathan Clarke.  

Rowan Class: Sam Rice, Caroline Sweeney and Kate Coughlan.

Willow Class: Jena O’Connell and Fiona Hoey.

Beech Class: Hilary Parmenter, Sandra McGrath and Linda O’Sullivan.

Elm Class: Amy Buckley, Laura Bullman and Alison Burke.

Pine Class: Orla Daly and Mary Keane.

Resource/SET/Support Team: Mary O’Connor, Richard Johnston(along with Realtín, our therapy dog) and Carol Glennon (OT SNA)

Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language: Joelle O'Connell (OT), Rachel O'Leary (SLT)