Criteria for admission:

  • Children that are of Primary school age, and have completed a minimum of one year in Primary School and pupils that have yet to complete primary school.

  • Pupils with an ASD primary diagnosis to be a suitable age to form one JI/SI ASD Special Class for year 2018/19

  • Children who are within the low ability/ low average/ average/above I.Q range (subject to Department Criteria set out for different categories of learning disability).

  • Children who have educational difficulties in one or more school based areas-Multiple Disabilities



The new 2018/2019 admissions policy is available here.


St Killian's caters for children within the following Dept. of Education and Skills categories:


Specific Learning Disabilities, DyslexiaDyscalculiaDysgraphia.

Pupils diagnosed with specific learning disability alone will be offered a maximum of two years in St Killian’s. This is in line with national practice and Department of Education and Skills policy. DES requirements state that pupils diagnosed with SLD are eligible if they have scores at or below the 2nd percentile, and are also within the average range of cognitive ability.


Speech and Language Impairment.

Pupils with a score at or below 70 or at 2 standard deviations below the mean in one or more of the main areas of speech and language development. In line Department of Education and Skills policy with a diagnosis of SLI must also have a non-verbal performance ability within the average range.


Physical/Medical Disabilities (including DCD/Dyspraxia).

Low ability/Low average/Average/Above Average Cognitive Level. A diagnosis of the disability from a relevant professional. (Occupational Therapist/Medical Consultant)



Low ability/Low average/Average/Above Average Cognitive Level. A diagnosis of ASD according to DSM-IV, DSM V or ICD-10 from a Psychologist /Psychiatrist and/or MDT.


Borderline Mild General Learning Disability.

As per DES criteria-GAI/FSIQ scores 70-79 who have documented difficulties with language development in relation to intellectual level, mild emotional disturbance associated with educational difficulties in a standard class setting, difficulties with social behaviour.


Multiple Disabilities.

Low ability/Low average/Average/Above Average Cognitive Level. As per Department of Education and Skills policy, reports submitted should detail that the criteria for 2 or more DES disabilities one of which must within the categories outlined above.