BUILDING AN IGLOO FROM MILK CARTONS written by Brian Kelleher and Aidan Barry

Mr. Johnston’s class, Willow, decided to build an igloo out of milk cartons so we asked everyone in school to bring in empty 2 litre cartons. We collected over 800 in October! Then we collected cardboard boxes for the base. We planned the size, one metre 80cm and started to build the base. Everyone got a chance to glue some bottles. It is getting bigger every day!

8/01/2019: At last we finished! We managed to move our igloo from Willow Class all the way down the stairs to the hall! We had to do it in three sections but we got there! See the photo below.

1) Mark and Josh start to glue the bottles, with Realtín’s help!

2) Aidan and Brian write the blog.

3) The igloo is now 4 tiers high!