Confirmation and Trip to UCC/Fitzgerald's Park for Senior 1 and Senior 2

School Confirmation

On the 6th of April, pupils from Senior 1 and Senior 2 made their confirmation. We had been practising for a couple of months before the ceremony. We had been learning songs, prayers and readings and going to the church frequently to practise. On the day of the confirmation, the weather was beautiful. We all had to get up early to prepare and be in time for the church. The church was packed with people. The ceremony was an hour and a half long. Bishop Buckley confirmed us. After the ceremony, we had pictures taken with the Bishop and with our teachers. Then, we went back to a party in the school. There were cakes, sweets, tea and coffee there, which was given out by the parent’s association. Afterwards, people spent time with their families. It was a day that we won’t forget! 

Trip to UCC and Fitzgerald’s Park

On the 7th of April, the day after the confirmation, the rest of Senior 1 and Senior 2, went on a trip to UCC and Fitzgerald’s Park. We took the 205 bus to UCC. In UCC, we saw the UCC crest. The rumour about the crest is that if you step on it before passing your degree, you will fail it! We also saw the Ogham stones, which is a form of celtic writing. Next, we walked to Fitzgerald’s Park. First of all, we played on the swings. Then we went to see the sky garden and ate our lunch in the pod. We played some basketball and went into the museum. In there we saw a recreation of a trench from World War 1, an exhibition about 1916, models of the Titanic and of the Lusitania and a log that had been hand carved into a tub. Finally, we jumped off the stage in Fitzgerald’s Park. We got the 208 bus home and got an ice cream after we got off the bus. It was an excellent day!